IMG_9753 copyVesna Milosevic is an applied artist, painter and designer. She graduated at the University of Belgrade in 1997 at the department of VSLIPU for teachers and painters. ELM Jewelry is a brand of an unique artistic jewellery. Her occupation is design and creation of a handmade jewellery made from the most sophisticated natural materials, such as crystals, pearls, silk, lace, chain and so on. – The jewellery has already been exhibited on many revues and exhibitions.
The most prominent ones are Fashion Week 12 in Belgrade, Mikser festivals, exhibiton at KC Grad, TISO exhibition 2013, the revue in honor of ULUPUDS 60 th anniversary, the promotion of the new jewellery collection for the season spring-summer of 2014. After presenting this collection, she  participated at Serbia fashion Week held in the city of Novi Sad in April 2014. In May, Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards followed, and the pictures and the atmosphere can be seen on photos posted on the internet.

Vesna has successfully prepared jewelry for Miss Serbia and various TV shootings, and she has also prepared the jewelry collection: „Lady forever“, for Spring/Summer 2015, presented in October 2014 at a fashion show during SFW.Now, she prepares a new collection of jewelry for the upcoming Serbia Fashion Week 2015/16 named „La Reine Margot“. It will be presented at the Serbian Fashion Week in Novi Sad. She also plans a jewelry collection presentation at the Museum of the National Teathre on April 29th, 2015 in Belgrade. A plenty of nice challenges and inspirations are her drive in this business, that she conducts with a lot of love and optimism.