October 8, 2014

Photos Courtesy of Suna Moya

Paris, France – The British jewelry maker Suna Moya will exhibit her artisanal collection during the SFW Design Week & Applied Arts Exhibition. The artist is known for her handcrafted, medieval inspired pieces in gold with precious and semi-precious stones. Earlier historical influences, which date into ancient antiquity, are additional sources of inspiration for her.

“Everything goes into my work”, admits Suna Moya. “My influences come for the great cities and museums of the world – London, Paris and of course Alexandra and Istanbul…“

The Paris-based Suna Moya was born in London’s posh Chelsea district. Though her passion for design began in her early years, her path in fashion took a different turn before leading to her own eponymously named collection.

She first began her fashion career as an in-demand fashion model. After retiring from the catwalks, she began organizing fashion shows and photo shoots. Her extensive experience in the fashion world led her to work as an attaché de press to fashion designers and photographers. Her work also involves styling models, musicians and actors for shows/advertisements/commercials and fashion shows. She works closely with photographers, stylists, make-up artistes and hairdressers. And finally in 2009 she began to design and produce costume jewelry, hats and accessories, under the label Sunamoya.

Obviously I have the client in mind and I spend a lot of time thinking about materials, context and how the jewelry will sit as part of the person.“

Suna Moya has just completed her second exhibition at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. She has also shown her work in St. Petersburg. And many singers and actors in music videos and films have worn her bespoke pieces. Her collection is sold at boutique Charmel , situated 13 Rue de l’Étoile, 75017, France