Dušica Županjac – PRIK

prik_sfw_profilna_slikaDušica Županjac was born in 1982. As a result of working many years for a Serbian-French firm in the area of marketing, market research, analyses and brand development, she founded the fashion company PRiK in 2012. As a designer, she bases all her work upon wearable fashion, fashion as an expression of elegance, professionalism and sophistication. Operating online, her work has found its way to over 80.000 women at short notice. The brand is used with pride by women of style, business women, domestically as well as abroad. PRiK’s first participation in SFW was in April 2015, then in November the same year with the collection “The Woman is a Lady”. The public enjoyed the show with great fascination and the response from the consumers of the brand was fantastic.