Members of the Serbia Fashion Week staff is currently located in Paris, concluding preparations for the upcoming Serbia Fashion Week, taking place November 20-26, along with Sebia Fashion Week Vice President, the renown Eymeric Francois. As the fashion capital’s own fashion week took place, Serbia Fashion Week President Svetlana Horvat and members of her team met up with Eymeric Francois, Art Director of the two greatest fashion Fairs in Europe – Paris and Berlin – and official member of the Parisian Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

This year’s program makes it the strongest contender in Serbia Fashion Week history, with over 60 designers from 20 different countries presenting their collections down Serbian runways. Serbia Fashion Week will be packed with exciting events including a book promotion of a memoir by Patricia Gucci, the biggest name to ever visit a fashion event in Serbia, Design Week, Serbia Fashion Awards, educational seminars, a Show Room, and more!

At the heart of the international festival of fashion and art, Serbia Fashion Week, is the runway. Here, famous international designers such as Eymeric Francois (France), Eric Rosette (USA), Wang Yihua (China), Marteen Van Mulken (the Netherlands), Aidar Khan (Kazakhstan), and others will create a real spectacle for fashion enthusiasts. Equally interesting is the large number of Serbian designers who have been successfully representing Serbia Fashion Week at international fashion weeks. This year, regional fan favorites and newcomers will be showing off their new collections to guests coming in from all over the world. Among these local designers are Zvonko Marković, Ivana Pilja, Bata Spasojević, Boško Jakovljević, Marijana Mateus, Vailije Kovačev, Mladen Milivojević Baron, Marija Šabić, Lepa Couture, Suzana Perić and many more.

Serbia Fashion Week, the only licensed fashion week in Serbia and the greatest fashion event

in Southeastern Europe, will be held on November 20-26, and Serbia Fashion Awards will take

place on November 27. Follow the Serbia Fashion Week website and social media for more