The April edition of Serbia Fashion Week was visited by over 33,000 people from the country, the region and 30 different countries around the world. The most visited April edition of the Fashion Week will be remembered for a fantastic opening in Zmaj Jovina Street which was attended by about 8000 people. In addition to the visitors who nearly filled the hotel capacity of Novi Sad, National Fashion Week was visited by representatives of the most prestigious fashion media such as Fashion News Live, Le Post, The Globe, Lash, and others. Great atmosphere from Serbia Fashion Week will also be shown by Vogue, so the image of Novi Sad will go around the world. Congratulations for a great organization and a great step for Serbia Fashion Week, which refers to a large opening in Zmaj Jovina street, are coming from organizers of numerous Fashion Weeks, as well from big names in the world of fashion such as Donald Potard, former Director of the house Jean Paul Gaultier, Eric Roset, founder of Art Hearts Fashion from Los Angeles and many others.

Honor to close Serbia Fashion Week had a very famous fashion names such as Arrey Kono from Germany, Vasilije Kovačev from Serbia, Dair from the Netherlands, Eric Roset from America, Maja Marukić from Serbia and Dejana Lukić – Madam Maya from Montenegro, while Paola Buonacara held a seminar about fashion blogging on the same day.

Paola Buonacara, the famous Italian fashion blogger, at the very beginning said that blogging is often not understood, not only by the audience but also by the fashion industry. She pointed out that fashion blogging is not only an artistic expression, but also a serious business. Visitors had the opportunity to get fashion tips by Paola Buonacara demonstrated through concrete examples. At the end of the seminar, she said that participation in Serbia Fashion Week means a lot to her because in this way she promotes her work.

On the last evening of Serbia Fashion Week audience had the opportunity to see the beautiful creations of designer Dejana Lukić Madam Maya from Montenegro. The show was opened by famous Serbian basketball player Nataša Kovačević who walked in a beautiful white dress, and the audience responded with applause and shouts. „This event is one of the biggest fashion events and I am glad to be a part of it“, said Dejana, adding that her inspiration is not missing and it is most often found in women and their beauty.

The collection which is a mixture of urban and elegant was presented by American designer and founder of Hearts Fashion-Art from Los Angeles, Eric Roset. On this show, the audience was able to see not only the pants, jackets and jeans, but also elegant skirts and dresses. Erik noticed that people from these areas are too formally dressed and said that he was glad he is here because he can show his sexy and casual collection. „I love this city and I am very happy to come here often. You are much different than people in the United States. This is a festival in which I enjoy and in which I can relax and I will certainly continue to come „- said Roset.

Serbian designer Maja Marukić presented her new, and in many ways different collection. Maja, who designs evening gowns, this time presented beautiful wedding dresses. The inspiration for the collection was gentleness, but the audience was able to notice a dose of rebellion through provocative necklines and open back. Her aim was to highlight the beautiful female figure, and the audience supported her designs with great applause.

The collection, which on the last evening set aside by extravagance and sex appeal, was presented by the Dutch designer Dair. Because he often comes to Serbia Fashion Week, he gained the sympathy of constant visitors. Judging by the reactions, models of lace, feathers and leather wowed the audience in Novi Sad. The collection was dominated by black and white, and the charismatic Dutchman explained: „Such is life, black and white, with little shades of other colors, which I tried to show through my collection. I found the inspiration in champions, winners and those who believe in their dreams.“ Dair also added: „I love this city and Serbia Fashion Week. Unlike other events, here I can relax, get to know the city, culture and people. I look forward to coming again.“

The last block was opened by German designer Arrey Kono, who presented her unusual collection – the combination of urban and elegance.  The collection was dominated by dark colors, while the accessories were in the form of large bags. Black and white robes, leather ponchos and dresses with very interesting shapes brought real refreshment. Visitors could feel the impact of the Berlin’s fashion scene direct on Serbia Fashion Week runway.

Fashion show of one of our most prominent designers, Vasilije Kovačev, closed the April edition of Serbia Fashion Week. The media, international and local stars, as well as numerous visitors to this prestigious international festival of fashion and design, were thrilled by Vasilije’s new collection. This collection, which was in February last year shown at New York Fashion Week, received thunderous applause.

After more than 30 designers from 50 different countries and many supporting programs that have marked this edition of the festival, we have agreed with the statement that Serbia Fashion Week remains to be the most prestigious international festival of fashion and design in our region.

After the traditional parade of volunteers and the entire team behind the organization of Serbia Fashion Week, the President of the same, Svetlana Horvat, announced that our next edition is expected from 20th to 26th November, while Serbia Fashion Awards will be held on 27th November this year.