The rich program of the third night of Serbia Fashion Week attracted a large number of fashion lovers, among whom were many foreign media, as well as guests from 20 different countries around the world. On the third night, a numerous audience had the opportunity to see the work of Eymeric Francois from France, Boško Jakovljević, Marija Šabić, Lui by Luiza from Romania, Ana Vasiljević and Tijana and Mila Popović. During the day Nemestic studio held a seminar of great importance for students and pupils who are interested in studying fashion design in all parts of the world.

The third day of Serbia Fashion Week was opened by sisters Popović from Serbia. Tijana and Mila Popović are known for promoting eco-design, so this time models wore creations made from recycled materials. They used natural fabrics such as cotton, canvas and recycled jeans. It is interesting that one of the dresses is made from 26 pairs of jeans. Visitors could feel the strong influence of punk culture. Dominant colors are neutral, while the accessories in the form of unique leather backpacks and bags are intense. The collection is rich with prints that draw attention to the poor state of our planet. In the coming period sisters Popović will promote their collection in London, where they had the opportunity to show their creations for four times.

Visitors of Serbia Fashion Week for the first time had the opportunity to see creations of Lui by Luiza from Romania. The inspiration for this collection was the audience itself, and femininity and elegance were shown by the use of silk and satin.

Great reviews from audience and from experts received designer Ana Vasiljević. Wonderful creations inspired by the film La-La Land and some past times were supported with enthusiasm and thunderous applause. According to her, Serbia Fashion Week is a chance to various foreign journalists and fashion experts from around the world see her collection. She added that this is a great opportunity to connect with other designers, the media and critics.

One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was the fashion show of designer Marija Šabić. Elegant dresses of various lengths, but also stylish shorts, overalls and pants were accompanied by thunderous applause. Summing up her impressions, this great designer said: „I’m glad to be part of Serbia Fashion Week from the start and I’m glad we are growing together. I have a lot of plans after this festival. Inspiration is all around us! “

The last block of the third night was opened by designer Boško Jakovljević, who made a real spectacle on Serbia Fashion Week runway. Collection Martini Vesto by Boško leaves strict forms, but not excluding business look. Presented collection is inspired by the spirit of the present time and the speed of life in the metropolis, while in the latest men’s collection of the brand PWL by Boško, the designer offers a combination of urban and sporty style. On the catwalk appeared singer Tijana Dapčević, who was a model at the same time.

The fantastic closing of the third evening enabled a French designer and vice president of Serbia Fashion Week, Eymeric Francois. Each edition of Serbia Fashion Week gets a special touch and atmosphere during the fashion show of this great designer, who represents the spectacular creations of high fashion. The collection is dominated by red and black, with details of lace and leather, and the designer’s inspiration was a femme fatale.

„All models are made in red and black. Black represents the comfort zone, and red represents sex appeal. Collection highlights the sensuality of the female body, but it is not vulgar“, said Eymeric Francois, adding that it is very important to be part of Serbia Fashion Week because this is a great place for the exchange of not only contacts but also of ideas and energy with other designers.

In the coming days we are expecting more great designer names from Serbia, America, Italy, Kazakhstan, Germany and other countries, and today visitors will enjoy new collections of Suzana Perić, Penna Couture, Aidar Khan from Kazakhstan, Milan Senić, Milena Đurđić, Ivana Nikolić Stanković and Alex fashion.