After a fantastic opening in Zmaj Jovina Street, a program of the international festival of fashion and design, Serbia Fashion Week, continued in the Congress Center Master of the Novi Sad Fair. During the first evening of only licensed Fashion Week in Serbia, collections that took audience breath away were shown by Zvonko Marković, Ludovic Winterstan from France, Danijela Božić, Romero Bryan from U.K., Miro Mišljen from Spain and Elena Rudimental from Russia, while students of fashion design, designers, or those who are simply fans of fashion had the opportunity to attend seminars “Legacy in fashion“ and „The Importance of a showroom“.

The first evening was opened by British designer Romero Bryan known for his great creations that were worn by world famous divas such as Beyoncé, Kate Moss and many others. His new collection which is a mix of classic and modern proved to be a winning combination judging by the audience’s reactions. „ This collection is actually a combination of two collections. I tried to show classic and elegance. I’m delighted with the audience reaction as well with the entire organization“ – said Bryan.

In the same block was presented a spectacular collection by designer Miro Mišljen. His unusual pieces of bright colors and unique design accompanied by Spanish music took audience’s breath away. The collection is characterized as a mix of high and street fashion. In summing up his impressions after the show, Mišljen said that judging by everything Serbia Fashion Week is in step with the most famous Fashion weeks around the world.

Russian designer Elena Rudermel, the multiple winner of the Grand Prix award for fashion, presented her collection in which dominated white and beige with black details and pastel green with beautiful natural materials, lace and silk.

After a stunning fashion show which was a pure art, ovations and thunderous applause received designer Danijela Božić. She presented a collection inspired by Swan Lake – dresses of lace and feathers with beautiful details that are handmade.

Not only Danijela received the long applause from the audience, but the guests of honor of this Fashion Week, Donald Potard, Eymeric Francois and many foreign media did not hide their enthusiasm for these creations. Daniela said it is very important for her that the audience liked the show and added: „I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this collection, so I’m incredibly glad that at the end that effort was rewarded with such great reactions. I found inspiration in Swan Lake, because I think I have always been a swan who looked for a  perfection. Movie Black Swan has helped me to connect the well-known story to modern times, so I choose fabrics based on that. After Serbia Fashion Week I will present my new collection in Dubai, which is a great honor for me”.

The real extravagance on the catwalk showed Ludovic Winterstan from France. Models wore extravagant creations, dominated by the black color, zircons, crystals and lace. The audience was able to see the influence of oriental culture, as well as the combination of history and modern times. He found inspiration in painters, using paintings from the past and the future, which is actually a combination of a lot of ideas.

Fashion show of one of the most talented Serbian designer Zvonko Marković, the only Balkan designer who introduced on Week of high fashion in Paris, closed the first night of Serbia Fashion Week. The winner of the most prestigious French award Talents du luxe et de la creation, found his inspiration in origami flowers, lightness and in easiness of wind. According to him, after tonight’s show in Novi Sad „He felt slight positive stage fright“, and continued: „As the owner of award for luxury, awarded by the French Ministry for the media, communications and trade, and thanks to cooperation with Svetlana Horvat, President of the National Chamber for Fashion Serbia and Serbia Fashion Week festival, and it’s recognized experts in Paris, New York and other metropolises, I have open new horizons to conquer the fashion world. French award is proof  that I’m on the right track in the fashion world. “

A very important part of the fashion festival are seminars that are open to all fashion and art lovers. On the first day at the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski held a seminar on the theme „Heritage in fashion.“ Tijana Palkovljević Bulgarski, director of the Gallery of Matica Srpska, presented her idea of ​​a fashion show inspired by works of art from collections of cultural institutions in Novi Sad that could present Novi Sad as the Capital of culture 2021.

Before the opening of the Showroom, director of the National Chamber for Fashion Serbia and Serbia Fashion Week, Svetlana Horvat, held a seminar on the importance of Showroom as a segment that needs to be developed to enhance the commercial side of the festival and that designers and creators could sell at least as much as they put into their collections. The showroom aim is to make an interaction that potential customers can not get at the scene. This segment is organized as a small shop where customers could see the clothes, feel the fabric and ask about all those details that would not be able to find out while watching the fashion show.

Visitors of Serbia Fashion Week are waiting for collections of big fashion names. Tonight will be presenting Eymeric Francois from France, Boško Jakovljević, Marija Šabić, sisters Popović and LUI by Luiza from Romania, while in the coming days we are expecting collections of many designers from Serbia, Italy, America, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Germany, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.