otvaranje Zmaj Jovina - V. Velickovic

The 10th jubilee edition of Serbia Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow in Novi Sad at Dunavski Park, at 8PM. The Serbia Fashion Week opening ceremony will be what design dreams are made of – 150 models will be dressed in outfits by 50 designers from 30 different countries, and among them, the most significant global, regional, and local brands. Serbia Fashion Week will reward its Novi Sad community, as well as regional and European fashionistas, with a night to remember. Dunavski Park will remain open for all, transformed into one of the largest fashion runways in Europe, illuminated by special effects and magical scenery.

otvaranje Zmaj Jovina - V. Velickovic
V. Velicković

Until April 29, Serbia Fashion Week will present fashion in an unusual manner in five locations in Novi Sad. Following the spectacular opening ceremony, SKC Fabrika will play host to an alternative fashion runway on April 25, starting at 8PM. The man behind the “Heroes” menswear shows, Srđan Šveljo, will present a selection of young regional designers 20h. This year’s theme, “Grace&Heroes”, is devoted to one of the greatest pop/fashion icons of modern times, Grace Jones. On the same day at 6PM, fashion and art come together at the special gallery exhibition “Fashion & Cultural Heritage”, in “Matica Srpska” gallery. Paintings by well-known local artists will be matched with dresses inspired by them, and created by our most current fashion designers. In a way, the 15 dresses by Eymeric Francois, Zvonko Marković, Bata Spasojević, Vasilije Kovačev, Boško Jakovljević, Marija Šabić, Milica Tričković, Danijela Božić and others reinterpret and modernize historical costumes, combining our people’s cultural heritage with haute couture trends. The paintings are works by artistic greats such as Sava Šumanović, Paja Jovanović, Uroš Knežević, Nikola Aleksić, and others.

I. Ivanović - Kongresni centar Master
I. Ivanović

April 26-28 is reserved for runways at the Congress Center “Master” of Novi Sad Fair, where we will view runways by some of the greatest fashion designers from around the world, Serbia, and the Balkan region. Some of the designers that will present are Eymeric Francois (France), Erik Rosete (US), Addy Van den Krommenacker (the Netherlands), Cigdem Karavit (Turkey), representatives of the Canadian Fashion Week in Vancouver, the Dutch festival Fashionclash, Brand by Margarita Panova (Russia), Nataša Pejović (Montenegro), Sanja Veličković (Slovenia), Milan Senić (Bosnia & Herzegovina), and more. Among the most notable Serbian designers who also confirmed their attendance are Zvonko Marković, who will also be celebrating his own anniversary at Serbia Fashion Week, Bata Spasojević, Boško Jakovljević, Vasilije Kovačev, Suzana Perić, Marija Šabić, Milica Tričković, Danijela Božić, Ivana Nikolić Stanković, Ana Vasiljević, Aleksandar Gavrić, Jovana Petković, Nemanja Pantelić, Gorana Rochelle, Jovana Živković, and others.

Apart from the runways, Serbia Fashion Week will also host several educational seminars led by some of the greatest experts in fashion, PR, and business: Barbara Locatelli, Myra Postolache and Stefan Žarić.

Penna Couture foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The closing ceremony of Serbia Fashion Week will take place at the Serbian National Theatre with a performance unlike anything we have seen before: an exclusive runway show by fashion icon Thierry Mugler, the awards ceremony, and a performance by Laure Prechac, one of the most popular French chanteuses of today. The closing ceremony runway will be directed by Eymeric Francois, Vice President of Serbia Fashion Week, who worked with Thierry Mugler between 1997. and 1999, and the choreography will be inspired by the Golden Age of Parisian haute couture, the 80s and 90s, when supermodels were superstars.

V. Veličković