COVER April 2018

The 10th anniversary of Serbia Fashion Week will be held April 24-29. The Serbia Fashion Week team is preparing big surprises for this special occasion – one of them being all new locations, transformed in an extraordinary fashion. The grand opening of Serbia Fashion Week will be held in Dunavski Park, and alternative couture will take over the Kineska Četvrt former industrial complex, in SKC Fabrika. The fashion runways will, as always, be held at the Congress Center Master of Novi Sad Fair, while the closing ceremony will be held at the Serbian National Theatre.

The Serbia Fashion Week opening ceremony will be what design dreams are made of – 150 models will be dressed in outfits by designers from 30 different countries, and among them, the most significant global, regional, and local brands. Serbia Fashion Week will reward its Novi Sad community, as well as regional and European fashionistas, with a night to remember. Dunavski Park will remain open for all, transformed into one of the largest fashion runways in Europe, illuminated by special effects and magical scenery.

The closing ceremony of this international festival of fashion and art will take place in the Serbian National Theatre. It will entail a memorable performance and models dressed by one of the biggest fashion superstars of today – whose name we are yet to announce! She is known for highly stylized and technically advanced fashion shows, so the comfortably spacious Serbian National Theatre will be a fantastic location for such a grand production.

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