Serbia Fashion Week will open with a spectacular show of high fashion collections inspired by Serbian military clothes

As the only licensed Fashion Week in Serbia, SFW has paid attention to culture and emphasized the importance of Serbian tradition since the very beginning. The project of the National Serbian chamber for fashion and the Matica Srpska gallery started a year and a half ago when it was confirmed that the door of this institution has been opened for fashion designers and that fashion is art.

SFW will be joining the marking of the 100 year anniversary of the attachment of Vojvodina and as part of the Nasleđe u modi (Heritage in Fashion) project, will present a high fashion collection called Sećanje, tuga i lepota  of the painter Ivanka Jevtović. The collection was inspired by Serbian military clothes and it’s dedicated to Milunka Savic, Nadezda Petrovic, Danica Jovanovic and all war heroines. This show will commemorate all that these ladies have done for us during the war. This show will also be an example of how important fashion is for art and its significance in everyday life of Serbia.

The grand opening will be held on November 21st at 6 o’ clock pm, in the Matica Srpska gallery, followed by a musical quartet. When it comes to the Sećanje, tuga i lepota collection, the visitors will have a chance to see the Serbian uniform and the male national clothes stylized into the female model of high fashion. The painter Ivanka Jevtović has truly managed to present the symbol of our spirituality through models of the Raska and Moravska schools. The painter has also received a certificate from the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Serbia as well as a plaque of the 48th May show of ULUPUDS.

This gala opening will be followed by many activities and events. Some of our most famous designers, such as Igor Todorović, Marija Šabić, Suzana Perić, Bata Spasojević, Boško Jakovljević, Milica Tričković, Nataša Župac and many others, will present their new collections again this year. Next to our domestic designers, many foreign designers will present their collections as well and there will also be many surprises awaiting the most loyal followers of fashion.