Serbia Fashion Week in the sign of ethno motifs

At the press conference, held at the City Hall, the repertoire of the upcoming Serbia Fashion Week, which will be held from November 21st until November 26th, was shown. The president of SFW, Svetlana Horvat, was thrilled to announce that the opening of this season’s Fashion Week will be held at the gallery of Matica Srpska, a dear partner of SFW. The art show called Sećanje, tuga i lepota, of the academic painter Ivanka Jevtovic is scheduled for November 21st. This will commemorate everyone who took part in the Great War and defended our country, people such as Nadežda Petrović,  Milunka Savić, Danica Jovanović and many others.

Many upcoming projects which will aim for returning the textile industry to Serbia have been announced. Fashion Expo has been announced, a big fashion fair. Svetlana Horvat also told everyone about her experience from the fair recently held in China which she attended, and said that she has great news. SFW has signed a cooperation protocol with the 16+1 Association which is working on an implementation of 6 projects among which is Serbia  Fashion Week China edition in which Serbia will have the chance to present its and European fashion and culture.

Vesna Srdanov, V.D. of the city administration for the culture of Novi Sad’s mayor, said she’s honored to have SFW participate in the affirmation of the Vojvodina capital in such a high cultured way.

The event has been made better by two young designers, Jovana Živković and Milica  Tričković. Jovana will present a collection inspired by Serbian ethno motifs, as well as a collection of jewelry. A designer from Nis, Milica Trickovic talked about her experience from Milan Fashion Week and told us what can be expected from her new collection:

I’ve had luck because my career started growing with SFW, so it was easier for me to have a breakthrough. Participating at MFW is every designer’s dream. The audience was very supportive of my collection which I will show at SFW. I have embroidered motifs of our medieval icons of art, which was very well received in Milan, whereas her the opinions varied, but I feel that our medieval art deserves a place in fashion – says Milica.