Svetlana Horvat i Amela Radan

Serbia Fashion Week was awarded recognition for its international impact on the fashion industry during the second international Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival, which is organized in cooperation with Hollywood, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Istanbul Fashion Film Festivals.

Serbia Fashion Week President, Svetlana Horvat, accepted this dignified award in the ceremonial congress hall of Hills Hotel in Sarajevo and stated:

I am very happy to have visited Sarajevo, and for such an occasion! This Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival award, the “Award for International Fashion Influence” is a great honor. The years of collegiality and collaboration between our two organizations have resulted in promotion of artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia alike, regionally, but also internationally. I sincerely thank Amela Radan for this special award, and wish to continue nurturing our partnership, letting it expand in the years ahead.”

Svetlana Horvat i Amela Radan

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival is the most significant event in the fashion and film industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its program involved 934 film applications from all over the world, including 101 film from the US, 81 from Italy, 60 from India, 52 from Russia, 48 from Spain, 47 from Great Britain, 44 from Iran, 34 from Brazil, 33 from Turkey, 32 from Germany, and 30 from France.

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival offered fresh and vibrant perspective at the world of fashion and film, coupled with a plethora of fashion movies, commercials, music videos, and short documentaries. According to the organizer of the festival, Amela Radan, this manifestation is a unique opportunity for creatives involved in the fashion industry to mingle, have fun, network, exchange experiences, and envision new possibilites – in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the world.