Potpisivanje knjige Patrizia Gucci foto N_Brankov

The runway shows of the most successful to date Serbia Fashion Week ended last night to great reviews and a traditional celebration by the crowd and the staff that made it happen, marking over 35 000 visitors at the November 2017 edition of this manifestation.

Marija Šabić was the final designer to have a runway this season, and visitors also had an opportunity to enjoy runways by Boško Jakovljević, Suzana Perić, Cyril Mirat (France), Dair (Netherlands), Ticci (Hungary), and the designers of the Mad Mood Milano platform, as well as Fashion Talent Design Competition and European Fashion Talent Competition finalists, the beaming future of Serbian and European fashion.

Patrizia Gucci foto N_Brankov
N. Brankov

The arrival of Patrizia Gucci, the biggest fashion celebrity to ever visit a manifestation in our region, drew a lot of attention, and there was a full house at the promotion for book, „Gucci“. Ms Gucci patiently had a book signing and took photos with all her fans.

Marija Šabić foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The honor of closing the November edition of Serbia Fashion Week was all Marija Šabić’s, a designer who has stood by the manifestation since its very beginnings. Lush fabrics and quirky use of lace dominated her runways. Marija stayed true to her characteristic elegance and femininity, with this collection. The unique pastel dresses gave off a whimsical aura, and Marija’s signature move was seen in handmade details on every dress.

Olivera Balašević - Suzana Perić oto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

„Duchess“, the collection by Suzana Perić was another big hit last night. The famous designer described it as garments which can easily be worn as both formal and casual. The outfits were mostly flowy shirts and dresses and boho skirts, all in gorgeous reds, blacks and whites. Suzana’s collection is designed to make women feel powerful, seductive, desirable and confident.

Jelena Gavrilović foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The show was opened with a musical performance by the actress Jelena Gavrilović, who also wore a piece from the collection. Traditionally, Olivera Balašević also walked the runway in a Suzana Perić outfit.

Boško Jakovljević foto D_Tintor
D. Tintor

A true fan favorite among Serbia Fashion Week guests, Boško Jakovljević orchestrated yet another spectacular runway. The front rows were taken by designers who had presented at Serbia Fashion Week in the past few days, as well as guest of honor Patrizia Gucci, and all were entertained by the show’s opening act – a musical performance by the famous Serbian pop singer Ana Stanić.

Ana Stanić - Boško Jakovljević foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

For Boško, it’s always about finding the right balance between suits and athleisure, so that it may look good on the wearer. The designer says that he saw two wonderful shows which inspired him greatly that evening.

Cyril Mirat foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

One of the more memorable shows of Serbia Fashion Week was that of French designer Cyril Mirat. His models snuck onto the stage under the cover of darkness and gilded skull masks, hollering at the front row occupants. Male models and a female model took the stage with an aggressive demeanor and lots of attitude, dressed in black leather and golden studs. Mirat pointed out that the music is a key part of any runway, and he chose the appropriate „Black Skinhead“ to be his soundtrack of the evening.

Ticci foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The Hungarian designer Ticca specializes in vintage and rockabilly clothes. Bold, fun dresses and beaded short jackets carried the audience back in time.

Mad Mood Milano foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The collaboration between Serbia Fashion Week and the Mad Mood Milano platform is based on designer exchange, and nine designers from the Fashion Institute of Milan presented their collections last night. The collection was all-black and made use of fabrics rarely seen as bases for glamorous dresses, decked out with pearls, nets and crystals. This is the second time Mad Mood Milano representative Maria Namicenti has been at Serbia Fashion Week and she claims that manifestation grows remarkably each time.

Dair foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

An extravagant, bold and bright collection of the evening belonged to the Dutch designer Dair. Judging by the crowd’s reactions, this colorful summer swimwear collection was the perfect cure for the cold November weather. „I love Serbia and your culture because it is so colorful and you are all so joyful.“ Dair says. „I am honored to be at this amazing event once again.“

The final runway night of Serbia Fashion Week was also reserved for young competitors from Serbia and Europe. iz Srbije i Evrope. Fashion Talent Design Competition and European Fashion Talent Competition finalists Iva Kujundžić, Katarina Vučićević, Kristina Ivković, Isidora Ceković, Nina Grubar, Igor Lukić, Cezan and Gabriela Sanchez Cez thrilled the audience with their innovative creations and pure raw talent.

Potpisivanje knjige Patrizia Gucci foto N_Brankov
N. Brankov

The record number of visitors motivated the Serbia Fashion Week team to organize a real spectacle for its 10th anniversary in April 2018.

All funds from sold Serbia Fashion Week tickets will go to charity – for Nađa Kvrgić who is bravely battling leukemia.

Tonight is the night of Serbia Fashion Awards, held at the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade. Awards were given out for multiple categories – best men’s collection, best women’s collection, best models, best foreign collection, and more! Find out more about Serbia Fashion Awards tomorrow.