Serbia Fashion Week 2017 runways hit it off with collections by as many as 29 designers, at the Master Congress Centre of Novi Sad Fair.

As tradition has it, Serbia Fashion Week runways started with a selection by crowd favorite Srđan Šveljo. He assembled a team of 25 talented young designers from the Balkans and orchestrated a massive catwalk, showcasing some of their best work. The avant-guarde atmosphere was complete with a live performance by the band Sputñik, much to the crowd’s delight.

Srđan Šveljo foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The band’s exceptional music played in with a dramatic light show to mark an impressive first runway of the season. Some of the designers we had the delight of seeing in this original setup were JSP, MACTO, LUTKART, Katarina Božičković, Jasmina Sanader, MARNIA by Marina Boškić, Diya Shiki, Tijana and Mila Popović, Kalafaker (Madrid), and more.

Vlastimir Jovanov foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

Vlastimir Jovanov tapped into the sartorial place where elegant and urban styles meet and brought a collection out of it. Guests had an opportunity to see vintage, elegant dresses draped in modern silhouettes. Vlastimir stated that he’s very pleased with the organization of Serbia Fashion Week and that it’s a great pleasure to participate in such a grand manifestation. “I am glad to be a part of Serbia Fashion Week, and that the audience enjoyed my work.” – says Jovanov.

Tija foto Svetlana_Braun
S. Braun

The Mongolian design duo Chuluuntsetseg Choibaatar and Tuya Purvee were the next to present their elegant, long, white, beighe, black, red and blue dresses. They also brought in a few pants and capes in a combination of dark and pastel tones into the mix. Cashmere was an important element in this collection. “Cashmere is my textile of choice – it is elegant, feminine, and very comfortable. It is important to feel good in whatever you are wearing” says Tuya Purvee, adding that this is her first time at Serbia Fashion Week and that the organization behind the manifestation has surpassed her expectations.

Mirna Vujačić foto V_Velickovic
V. Veličković

There was yet another newcomer before the guests of Serbia Fashion Week, the young Croatian designer Mirna Posavčević. She was very pleased with her runway, where everything went exactly as she hoped it would – from the music and set production to the models who carried her collection out. The collection is titled “Inspiration” and it is an amalgam of her entire portfolio up to that point. Mirna is keen on painting her outfits herself, and loves creating one of a kind pieces, usually coats, jackets, and skirts.

Dair foto V_Velickovic
V. Veličković

The evening’s surprise was a short runway by the Dutch designer Dair, a Serbia Fashion Week regular. This was merely a teaser of his full collection, which will be presented on Saturday, November 26. Judging by what we saw, we can expect a truly extravagant collection – male and female models wore jumpsuits, shirts, dresses, robes and swim suits that were bright and daring. The textiles were sparkly and the details were all leather and lace. As always, Dair was met with a large ovation.

Svetlana Horvat, Donald Potar i Emerik _Fransoa foto V_Velickovic
V. Veličković

Tonight, guests of Serbia Fashion Week will see runways by Milena Vujačić (Montenegro), Prika (Serbia), Sanja Veličković (Slovenia), and Pene Couture, Zaga and Nataša Župac (Serbia).

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